Wednesday, February 1, 2012

valentine's day tissue paper wreath

I joined Pinterest last fall, but didn't realize it's full potential or how amazing it is until a month or so ago. I started using it to find ideas for Baby L.'s nursery, but also to find fun DIY projects, recipes, hair ideas, etc. It's fabulous! One of the DIY projects that I came across and wanted to try was a Valentine's Day wreath. I figured I could use the wreath on the front door in January/February, and then move it to the door of the nursery come March. A couple of wreaths I found on Pinterest, as well as the wreath on the cover of the current Martha Stewart Living magazine inspired the following:

I wanted it to be in the shape of a heart, but I couldn't find styrofoam in the shape of a heart. After hitting up two JoAnn's and Michael's, I settled for a simple circle.  Here's a list of the supplies I used:
  • Pink tissue paper - two shades (light and dark pink). Unfortunately I didn't keep track of how many sheets I used, but I used four multi-colored packs ($1.98 each from Wal-Mart).
  • Round styrofoam wreath in white (found at JoAnn's)
  • Glue gun (I went through quite a few glue sticks... almost an entire pack)
  • Scissors
  • Ice pick
  • Wreath hanger
  • Pink polka dot ribbon
A few of my supplies
Styrofoam wreath from JoAnn's

I started by folding each sheet of tissue paper four times, so that I could cut tiny squares. I then twisted each piece so it looked like a small flower:

Light and dark pink tissue paper, folded into small squares

Tissue paper buds

After I created numerous small tissue buds, I poked holes in the styrofoam using an ice pick. I then used the glue gun to drop a small amount of glue in the hole. I then stuck the end of the small tissue bud into the hole and held it until it stuck.  I was random about the colors, switching back and forth between the light and dark pink. I also tried to place the holes close together so the tissue paper buds were tight and no styrofoam could be seen.

Lots and lots of tissue paper was used!

A small hole made with an ice pick, then filled with glue

Once the wreath was done, I found an old black wreath hanger and covered it with pink polka dot ribbon. I used the glue gun to secure the start and end of the ribbon.

A black wreath hanger, covered in pink polka dot ribbon

Ta-da! The end result. It looks very festive against our black door, and can easily be seen from the street! Once Valentine's Day has come and gone, I may add a "Welcome" message to it or something so we can use it to celebrate Baby L.'s arrival come March!

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