Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fall Festivities

I you know me, you know I absolutely love the fall.  Hands down, it's my favorite season! Today was the perfect fall day filled with fun fall activities. It was a little cold (35 degrees at 9 a.m.), but not unbearable. We started the day by walking in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk at the Liberty Memorial. The company I work for is a sponsor, so my department formed a team to walk. We walked for the first time last year, when I was pregnant, so it was fun to do it again this year, and have Leslie there to join us! Since it was a chilly morning, we bundled her up in this adorable pink, fluffy, bear jumpsuit thing that my Grandma got her. It was perfect for a chilly morning. Beneath the bear suit she had two additional layers on - we had to make sure she was nice and toasty! She seemed to love it, and was sung as a bug in her stroller. with an added two pink blankets on her. The walk was three miles, so it was the perfect length of time for Miss Leslie. 

Later in the afternoon we headed to the Louisburg Cider Mill in Louisburg, KS with Brett's parents. We wanted to get some delicious apple cider, as well as homemade apple donuts. We also thought we could get some good pictures of Leslie in the mini pumpkin patch. Leslie enjoyed playing with the pumpkins, and we found one that was just her size!  We got to enjoy some delicious hot apple cider, apple slushes and apple donuts in the warm farm house. 

We topped off the day with a visit to Jack Stack. We thought barbecue sounded delicious, so we headed to one of our favorite BBQ spots. Since it's a bit fancier than Oklahoma Joe's, we knew we were taking a chance with bringing Leslie with us. She's at the point where she won't stay in the carrier during dinner, and if you get her out and hold her, all she wants to do is grab for your food.  So, we decided tonight was the perfect time to try her in the restaurant highchair to see how she would do. I brought a highchair cover to use, and that was nice to have, although all she wanted to do was chew on the straps, which created a wet mess. But, it kept her entertained through most of dinner. She got fussy toward the end, but luckily we were paying and almost out of there.  We realize our going out for dinner days are numbered, and if we do go out, we should probably stick to loud, informal places.

I love fall, and it's been so fun to do fall activities with Leslie. Even though she may not be the best dinner companion, she's at such a fun age since she's starting to take everything in and be more active.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Crazy Days

It's been one of those days... crazy morning, followed by a busy day at work, picked up Leslie at daycare, then came home and scrambled to feed Leslie and make something for dinner. Unfortunately, I completed messed up our dinner plans. I went to the grocery store on Sunday afternoon and got stuff for the entire week, and had dinner planned for each night we'll be home. The plan for Monday night was Chicken White Bean Chili, which involved cooking the chicken on Sunday night so that it would be ready when I got home on Monday.  Well, after I got the chicken out of the oven (9:30 pm), I left it out on the counter to cool... and never put it in the fridge. I was so tired last night, I completely forgot. SO, no chicken chili for us tonight! :(  Instead, I ate a combination of leftover pasta, pumpkin chips and my "after the baby goes to bed" treat was half a bagel with pumpkin cream cheese (yes, I love anything pumpkin). The kicker was when I sat down to eat my bagel with cream cheese, I dropped it on myself and the remote control. As if the remote control wasn't dirty enough! Oh well, sometimes you have to laugh at it all rather than cry over spilt milk, or rotten chicken in my case!

Some days I wonder what I did before I had a baby - how did I spend my evenings?! I remember thinking I was busy pre-Leslie, but now my pre-baby life seems like a piece of cake! Evenings used to involve working out, running errands, cleaning and relaxing while watching TV (Real Housewives, anyone?) or reading. Now evenings are all about cleaning bottle parts, getting stuff ready for the next day and doing laundry. Then, it's bedtime. Yes, evenings are completely different, and they're exhausting. But, I LOVE seeing Leslie when I pick her up at daycare, or when I get home from work - I love seeing her bright, smiling face, and how she kicks her legs in excitement when she sees me. I love playing with her on the floor, watching her inspect all her toys and try so hard to move around the living room. I love our evening walks as a family, and my favorite is cuddling with her before bed. I know it sounds cliche, but I wouldn't trade my new evenings for the world. My life may be busier, my house may be messier, and I may be more tired... but life with Leslie is worth it, and parenthood is incredibly satisfying.  And, believe it or not, I think I've become more organized and better at managing my time!

This is a picture of Leslie I took tonight - she's wearing her new fleece jacket with a kitty-cat hood. Adorable! I love baby clothes. We took her outside for a bit while I cleaned our my car and Brett took out the trash. Exciting!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Welcome to Lambert Life!

Welcome to the Lambert family blog, Lambert Life.  I decided to revamp my personal blog, Simply Sweet, and change it to a family blog to document our new life with Leslie, and share pictures. As much as I love baking, and enjoyed making and selling sweet treats, it was hard to keep it up through pregnancy, and now life with a baby. So, if you're a current follower - thanks for sticking around, and if you're a new visitor, welcome! We hope you enjoy our blog, and get some insight into the Lambert Life!

I'm not one to over share, so I'll try to not bore everyone with mundane stories, and endless pictures of Leslie. I want to use this forum as a way to keep track of memorable moments, funny stories, milestones and adorable pictures. When Leslie was first born, Brett and I talked about starting a blog. We kept saying we would get around to creating one, but just never seemed to find the time. Now, Leslie is almost seven months old and I'm finally sitting down and doing it! Realizing that it's already been seven months since Leslie's birth affirms that life flies by - time is precious, and someday I would love to look back on our blog posts and be able to return to these sweet moments in time.

As I just mentioned, Leslie is almost seven months old. SEVEN! Sometimes I have to pinch myself to believe it... although I don't really need to because Leslie will do it for me. In the last few weeks Leslie has decided that it's fun to pinch/grab/scratch Mom and Dad while we're feeding her a bottle, or trying to rock her to sleep. What's amazing is that it hurts! This tiny little human is able to cause us pain with her tiny little hands. Okay, I'm thinking this is a mundane story, which I said I wouldn't do. So, on to something more interesting!

We experienced a milestone today... we lowered Leslie's crib. It had been on the highest setting, which made it super easy for me or Brett to lower her into the crib for bedtime or a nap (although naps rarely happen). We recently realized that since she's able to situp now, it won't be long before she can pull herself up, and then potentially fall out of the crib. Scary! And, yesterday Brett found her grabbing at the mobile, which is also dangerous. So, we decided it was time to play it safe and move the crib down. Of course we decide we need to do this as we're going through her bedtime routine... bad idea. Adjusting a crib is not as easy as it sounds, and when you're doing it in a room that's the size of a twin bed, it's almost impossible! It was quite comical watching Brett try to maneuver in Leslie's tiny room - he managed to trip over the fan/space heater, and knock over the wooden bird that sits on top of the bookshelf.  Once the crib was adjusted, it was my turn to put the bedskirt on (much harder when the crib is at the bottom level), drop the mattress in and then redo the crib bumper. 30 minutes after we started, we were both sweaty, the room was somewhat of a disaster, and we had a baby that was wide awake, completely entertained by mom and dad! I quickly cleaned things up as Brett fed Leslie, and luckily it didn't take long for her to fall asleep.

Moments like these make me stop and smile because I realize that it won't be long before Leslie is in a toddler bed, and then a big girl bed! It's like Darius Rucker's song "It Won't Be Like This For Long." I heard the song on the radio today, and it brought tears to my eyes! The lyrics of the song are so true - "This phase is gonna fly by, so baby just hold on. It won't be like this for long."

I don't have any pictures from this evening, but I will share one from last weekend... Leslie attended her first wedding, for Uncle Nathan and Aunt Kelsey! Leslie wore an adorable new outfit, and was a rockstar at the rehearsal dinner and wedding. It was a fun weekend, and we loved celebrating with the beautiful couple!