Monday, August 8, 2011

a working oven and a new project

Good news for all my baking fans... my oven is fixed! This is fabulous news considering it has been out of commission since the first week of June! Even better, the oven is now working better than it ever did before! Who knew it needed new ignitors and door hinges?! Enough about my oven... I'm just happy I can make cupcakes, cookies, brownies, casseroles, baked chicken, etc. again! I've been eating way too much pasta lately, it's time to mix it up! I'm also craving some good baking time... now I just need to decide what my first item will be. I broke down and made boxed brownies this past weekend (was in the mood for instant chocolate satisfaction), so I still need to refresh my baking skills and whip up an awesome batch of cupcakes. I'm thinking I may try fruity pebbles cupcakes - fruity pebbles are becoming my new sweet obsession. Whenever Brett and I go to Peachwave or any other yogurt store, I always want fruity pebbles in my yogurt mixture! YUM.

Fruity pebbles cupcakes inspiration

Aside from the oven excitement, I've been excited about redoing my downstairs bathroom! The downstairs bathroom (by downstairs, I mean the basement) has been severly neglected since we moved in in 2008. For whatever reason, we made the upstairs hall bathroom the guest bathroom, but after sharing the tiny master bathroom with my husband for a year, I decided to make the hall bathroom my own bathroom. It's now been two years and I've decided it's high time I turn the basement bathroom into a true guest bathroom... mainly for selfish reasons, I don't like to have to clean things up in my bathroom and put away all my hair and makeup accessories before guests come over.

So, there are three parts to this project...
1. Painting the trim to match the rest of the house (Benjamin Moore, Ancient Oak)

2. Painting the bathroom so that it's no longer yellow (when we first moved in EVERY room in the house was painted yellow! The basement and basement bathroom are the only rooms left)

Yellow wall...

Paint color... sample swatch on the wall

3. Decorate! I've picked a paint color, Coastal Fog, to be my inspiration... now I need to find a floor mat, hand towels, trash can, etc. I'm not wanting to spend a lot of money on this project, so I've been making frequent trips to TJ Maxx and Target to see what I can find. So far, nothing. The search continues!

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