Sunday, January 24, 2010

red velvet cupcakes

I can't believe this is my first posting of 2010... it's only January and life is busy, busy! I'm blaming it on the start of a new semester. Anyway, I haven't baked much this month, but I did make red velvet cupcakes in honor of my grandma's birthday last weekend. I had my grandma, aunt, mom and dad over last Sunday night to enjoy some delicious tomato vodka pasta, watch the Golden Globes, and celebrate my grandma's birthday! For dessert we enjoyed red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing. It was the first time I've made red velvet cupcakes, and I must say, they were delish! I think I'll make them again for Valentine's Day and change up the icing/decorating a bit.

Unfortunately, you'll notice that the pictures I posted aren't the best... before we indulged I went to get my camera to take pictures of the cupcakes and I found that my camera battery had died. I lost my battery charger, so I have to borrow my father in-law's charger whenever the battery dies. So... in lieu of a camera, we used Brett's phone to take these pics:

Notice the lovely cupcake stand my mom got me as a surprise gift... what a great way to showcase cupcakes!

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