Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Back to blogging, and time for home improvement projects

My family (and a few friends that followed along), know that years ago I blogged about my budding sweets business. I made cupcakes and other sweet treats that I mainly sold to friends and family.  While I enjoyed baking, I found that it was taking up too much of my free time, and my weekends were spent baking and icing cupcakes, and then delivering to friends/family. Erin’s Sweets came to an abrupt halt once I had Leslie in 2012. I barely bake anymore, and if I do, it’s for Leslie’s birthday or another special occasion! 

March 2013 – my last major baking endeavor, an Elmo cake for Leslie’s 2nd birthday party.

Even though I had great intentions to continue blogging about Lambert Life and share fun stories and pictures of Leslie, I just couldn’t carve out the time, and then my “second job” of Junior League/Holiday Mart took over, and blogging ceased to exist. 

A few of the Holiday Mart 2014 committee ladies during Ladies' Night Out. 

Holiday Mart is now over, and my extra-curricular obligations have greatly decreased. After I get home from work, I can focus my time on Leslie… and then once she’s in bed, watch Nashville or Scandal without feeling guilty!  It’s a great, welcome change of pace. The free time has also allowed me to focus on our new home, which we moved into in October 2014. We moved into a beautiful home that was in great shape, but definitely in need of cosmetic updates. Essentially, it’s a 70’s home that needs to be transported into the 21st century. 

I’m a DIY gal that loves pouring over Pinterest posts, studying paint colors, watching HGTV shows like Fixer Upper, and finding ways to economically transform a house into a home. In the four months we’ve lived in our house, there have been numerous projects and updates made. Throughout the process I’ve repeatedly thought about chronicling our experiences via my blog. Personally, I love DIY/home improvement blogs, and have gotten some great ideas from blogs like Nesting Place, LiveLoveDIY, and The Makerista. These blogs have inspired me to write about and share my efforts and experiences – not just to record the memories for myself, but to help others, and share ideas and best practices! 

So, here I go… I hope you join me on this journey – please share any comments; I welcome any ideas and suggestions you may have! 

First up… a look at the big project I undertook during my four week sabbatical from work - painting the kitchen cabinets! 

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