Saturday, January 29, 2011

cookie monster cupcakes

I recently made a giant cupcake and regular sized cookie monster cupcakes for a co-worker's son, who's first birthday was in early January. She took him to get professional pictures taken, so I made his "smash cake" -- a giant cupcake with blue icing. Below is a picture of it at my house. I hope to soon post one featuring the adorable Cole with his giant cupcake!

This was my first time using the giant cupcake mold... in order for the cake to maintain the shape of the mold, I used a recipe that was more like a bundt cake. It turned out great, and was delicious! One of the tricks I learned is that you need to pour the batter into the bottom half of the mold and cook for 10-15 minutes, then remove from the oven, add batter to the top half of the mold and continue baking for the recommended time. Below is a picture of the giant cupcake mold -- I found mine at Bed Bath & Beyond, but I know they're also sold at Williams Sonoma.

For Cole's first birthday party I made cookie monster cupcakes. Half were white cake, the other half were chocolate, all had blue buttercream icing. The cupcakes turned out great, although the decorating portion was incredibly time-consuming!


  1. They both are adorable! You're a mighty good friend, Miss Erin.

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